Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Virtual Paintout #14 - Stavanger, Norway

9 Schiøtz gate, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norge
Acrylic on 11" by 14" by 3/4" wrapped canvas

For the 14th Virtual Paintout in Stavanger, Norway. This was fun as I dramatically altered the colors.

I'm trying to do more "big swoopy color" and this nearly all white image was just too bland for my taste. I don't usually display my reference image, but this had to be seen to understand how much I altered it and yet it still looks like the reference image. I chose it because of the items displayed in the windows. It reminded me of a home my Mom and I saw on our RV trip that had large dolls in every window. It was fascinating.

The funny thing is, there is nothing like it entered. Nearly everything is watercolor and mine sticks out like a "bright thumb"! I am gaining a real appreciation for watercolor, however. I haven't tried it, but as I study other works, I can see it really does have many advantages.


AutumnLeaves said...

Great job, Beckie. You have come to have such a signature style that is so perfect. I do love watercolors, I have to say!

Carol said...

I love this piece, especially how you placed the windows horizontally while maintaining the perspective of the outer lines of the house.

beckielboo said...

Carol, I've given a lot of thought to your comment and since you did not leave return information, I think your comment was meant in a mean spirit.

That is OK, Carol. You will seldom find a reference I've made to myself as an artist. I try to always use the word painter.

It is true the windows are not correctly placed in the "perspective of the outer lines"! I will be the first to tell you I've never painted a "correct" painting yet. That is OK with me, I know why I paint. And you will find, if you ever return to my blog, that I plan to continue painting in any direction the brush takes me.


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Anonymous said...

I love this one, Beckie.