Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monthly Painting Challenge #3 - Creek Reflections

Creek Reflections
11" by 14" Acrylic on wrapped canvas

This is the 3rd Monthly Painting Challenge presented by Pam Van Londen. She does pick beautiful photo's, but they are not easy - for me - to paint. This one hit all my Uh-O buttons. Trees and water and reflections are three of my weakest painting skills. I guess that is what a challenge is all about! Thanks Pam, good job!


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh my gosh, Beckie! This is one stunning painting to my eyes. I love those deep values you've achieved and I think you've quite beautifully squelched any and all uh-ohs!

beckielboo said...

Aw geeze, I forgot the fence! But I was surprised when I saw all the entries and this one passed along as if it should have been there! I was surprised, but gladdened.