Sunday, April 11, 2010

I just can't explain this one!

Tadhgán and Chiara's Secret
acrylic on 12" by 12" by 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas

OK, I can explain their names. The red haired girl is Tadhgán, which is the Gaelic spelling for the Irish name Teagan and means "poet". The dark haired girls name is an Italian name of Irish origin and means “dark”. I love to find just the right name for my imaginary "friends" and they have to be just right! Usually, I do not use unusual spellings, but this time, just couldn't resist the beautiful Gaelic spelling.

I have not varnished this piece yet. I always photograph paintings before I varnish them! I just cannot get past the glare otherwise. However, this time, I know this piece will "pop" with varnish. My intent was to dress them in party cloths as I think they are at a night club.

OK, the truth is, I started this for a challenge I no longer participate in. Ironically, I got the name of the challenge just a little confused, but thought the painting still worked. It was "Silence" and I thought it was "Secret". Since they both have their eyes closed, it could have still worked but I decided to leave that challenge and this painting has been sitting on my "unfinished" rack for a few weeks.

Since the women are so obviously interested in one another, I thought it deserved an explanation. I'm not gay, but sometimes I wish I were. There are so many unattached women - but - you are what you are, and I have no desire to change my stripes at my age.

TMI - Too much information? Sorry!


AutumnLeaves said...

Don't have to be gay just to be good friends, which these two appear to be. In fact, Chiara almost looks as though she is crying, Beckie. Teagan (I don't dare attempt the Gaelic spelling) looks to simply be comforting her friend.

beckielboo said...

Thanks Sherry, always good to have another pair of eyes!