Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boo Hoo - Windows To The Words #12 - For the Birds

Eastern Bluebird
acrylic on 6" by 8" canvas board

Missed again, but still wanted to paint for James. This was the Windows To The Words challenge for March, but I just didn't get it done.


AutumnLeaves said...

My gosh, Beckie! This is truly fabulous! One of your best, I think. This hopefully is hanging in a place of honor!

beckielboo said...


I have just been on your blog and I love your work!!!! First, I love your new opener painting--of course I have always loved The Three Graces. Second, I absolutely LOVE the Norwegian house. You should call it Norwegian Wood . No, that's too corny. Just couldn't help myself. It makes me feel a Starry Night kind of feeling when I look at the sky of that painting. Brilliant!

Thirdly (YIKES what a weird word to use), I also love The Creek Reflection. You can say you don't get trees, water, and reflection , but you captured something pretty darned good! The two redheads (a girl and her dog) was pretty good as well. As for The Secret--WOW! It does beg the questions, but not the ones you answered. I thought I saw a moment of shared angst between friends. Like, "Let's not talk about this (you fill in the blank), please!"

Finally, you shouldn't be boohooing over your bird. It's absolutely charming and vivid and joyful! You go, Girl!!!!


beckielboo said...

Thank you Dottie, such a nice email - since you are "comment challenged" - I couldn't resist adding it for you! xo

beckielboo said...

Gosh Sherry, I'm a little surprised you thought so much of this one - Gee, I'm sure glad I did it!

I wanted to paint today, but have torn up this house - cleaning - "Big Time". So much more to do.

I did rearrange my studio to give me more room in both the studio & my living space. I have a really big house & it is so crammed full that it is almost impossible to get around. Time for a change.

Painting? Maybe tomorrow! You inspire me with your loving comments. Thank you as always.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think because I saw this same bird painted elsewhere (from the same challenge photo) and your's is just exquisite, Beckie. I guess having seen two of the same, your work just comes in a bit above. Lovely. I've come to love your style more and more and you have some just brilliant pieces. All are lovely in their own ways, but some just truly move me.

Dreama tolle perry said...

Beckie--I think you might just win the award for leaving the sweetest comment on my blog ever...:)))thanks so very much! I wanted to let you know how much it meant. I am leaving for CA tomorrow so when I get back, I will have to dive into your blog and check it out as thoroughly as you did mine..:)) Love what I see!