Monday, July 25, 2011

Here's a Fun One

Flo's Little Pinky
after Thomas Anfield
acrylic on 6x12 canvas board

When we were children, my sister grew 7 inches in one year. Naturally thin, she appeared to have really long arms. Beverly was the first grandchild and our Grandmother Flo nicknamed her Pinky when she was born after her favorite painting Pinkie, 1794 by Thomas Lawrence. Beverly went by that nickname until she was a teenager at which time our father told her she would regret being called Pinky dressed in a business suit. She says that was some of the best advice she ever got!

Anyway, every summer we would visit the grandparents in Kansas where Flo and our mother would often sew us pretty cloths. After Beverly's growth spurt, Flo was afraid Beverly would become self conscious about her height so when the measurements were made for our new summer frocks, Flo insisted to have her own measurements taken and whispered to our mother "What ever Pinky's arms measure, make mine 2 inches longer!"

It has been a family joke for over 50 years now that when something need to be "reached" for, Beverly can best do the job with her "overly-long" arms!

This was a problem I never shared! Please visit Thomas Anfield to see his wonderful monkeys, dummies, figures and pop art.

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Nice paintings....!!!