Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steve Worthington rocks

I am a big Steve Worthington fan. I first came across him when I started seeing mouse paintings by some of my favorite artists. Being the curious person I am, I investigated and found a really interesting person and a phenomenal sculptor.

To celebrate his 100th blog post, he is having - another - contest to win a mouse sculpture. Well, I really love his mice - my friends know how I feel about mice, so I have to do this.

Sprightly & his friends

He is looking for names for his 3 new turtles. Proudly, I was the first with suggestions!
And we get to guess twice! My first entries are "Uno, Pesky & Snapdragon". Wish me luck, but better yet go there yourself, read the rules and enter. If you win - good for you, but please tell me! Go to Steve Worthington's Globspot ... NOW ... What are you waiting for?


AutumnLeaves said...

What lovely little sculptures!!!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks for the plug and entries, and what an amazing coincidence that this is also your 100th post!
Funny old world, eh?