Thursday, December 17, 2009

DSFDF Artist-Exchange Challenge

DSFDF Challenge entry
acrylic on 10" x 8" x .75" on wrapped canvas

Reference Photo of unknown exchange artist

Most of you know about Different Strokes for Different Folks - DSFDF. It is an extremely well attended challenge just over 1 year, hosted by Karin Jurik, an artist in Atlanta. This Challenge was done last year and apparently it was so popular that Ms. Jurik repeated it this year. I wasn't painting at this time last year and did not know anything about this or any other Challenge, so I am very glad to be able to join it this year. There are an amazing 180 entries, that is 180 artists painting each other, compared to last year with 130 artist entries.

However, humbling, is the word that comes to mind. It is so intimidating to paint someone else, but I've looked closely at the 43 paintings entered so far and almost everyone tells of their own struggle with this challenge. I considered painting it over - and perhaps over again, but felt that all I would be doing is wasting time. It was a challenge, not a commission. Hopefully the learning from the project will suffice!

To the artist that I have been entrusted with, I am sorry that I am not a better artist. It would have been my pleasure to paint a wonderful likeness winning your approval. Please know that I would have liked to do a better job! Since you are also painting me, I can only hope that you are struggling as I did! My skin colors and facial detail are not my strong suit. I love portraits but so far haven't learned enough to do them justice.

Aside from my painting, this challenge and the work of the other artists is fascinating and a learning experience. Please take the time to visit DSFDF and see for yourself!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

NZ Art Guild Challenge #16 - Photo Challenge

West Yellowstone Angel Lodge
acrylic on 14" by 18" Centurion Wrapped Linen
Email me for availability

Whew! I'm doing a little better about getting a few painting ready. This is for the New Zealand Art Guild Challenge #16 and it's their last challenge for the year. This is my 5th entry with them. It is also a piece I'm very fond of. The challenge was to paint the Angel statue. I added from one of my favorite places, West Yellowstone City, MT. When my Mother and I were there in 2003 on our 10 week RV journey, it started to snow on the beautiful lodge pole pines. Due to the weather, I was unable to stop along the road to take as many photo's as I wanted and have longed for them ever since. I used this opportunity to paint them as a backdrop to the statue. If only Mother could see this one!

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: I have also completed the Main Street Bridge, St. John's River view for the book cover of Dottie Fletcher's book, Remembering Jacksonville, to be published this spring. The best news is not only did Dottie like it, so did her publisher and they have accepted my painting. Since this is painted by request for Dottie's book, I will not be publishing the painting until her book is published. BUT, I couldn't wait to tell you the GOOD NEWS UPDATE now!

I have a few paintings in various stages of planning and progress and hopefully will have several more to post before the end of the year.

Hi to all my friends and thank you for being so patient with me since I have not been blogging as regularly as I would like.