Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cecil Irving is back!


I have loved this mans work and just over a year ago, he quit blogging or posting on Daily Paint Gallery. But I am so happy he returned. You know how you get attached to your "friends" and I have a terrible time letting anyone go, so I am especially happy Cecil is ... this is difficult to phrase, I don't know what caused him to take a leave, so I don't know what to say ... I'm just happy you are (probably) well and (hopefully) happy and (joyously) painting! I think that covers it!

Please drop by his blog - Cecil Irving - American Aritst - and see his beautiful work.

I have 2 of his paintings, I wish I had a dozen!

5x7 oil - 3-11-09.

5x7 oil - 12-9-08.

Now to get my own house in order...

I'm thinking about it!

Tom Waits - Little Trip to Heaven

I must be the last person to hear this song, but man ... am I in love with it!

It is here for me - I want to listen to this over & over! BTW, GRAPEFRUIT MOON is right up there with it!

I'm dancing, swirling, twirling ...

Life is good...............