Wednesday, May 12, 2010

While in Waynesville, NC

I felt your kiss and could wait forever...
Acrylic on 16" by 20" canvas sheet

I spent the first 2 weeks of May in Waynesville, NC with my college roommate Sheila. We have had the pleasure of spending several weeks a year together for the last 5 years. Sheila has 4 grown children, 3 boys and 1 girl and soon to be 7 grandchildren. If I could only get her to blog & paint!

We met at Kansas State College of Pittsburg, now Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1966 where I attended for the next 2 years. My parents were raised there and my Mother & her sister both attended there and my Father's 2 brothers graduated there. I felt it was a family tradition. Besides, my grandparents were still living and it gave me an opportunity to spend lots of time with them. I later attended hospital based certificate programs for X-ray and Nuclear Medicine, a better fit for me.

This year, Sheila's oldest son Peter graduated from college at the age of 32 with a fiancee, 2 pre-teens and new baby. Good for you Peter, that is a heavy load indeed. I have never met Peter, but thought his accomplishment warranted recognition. Besides, I wanted to paint while I was in Waynesville anyway! I don't think Peter liked it, Sheila only said after I inquired, that he was pleased. Oh well, that is why I don't usually give a painting away unless someone asks for it. You just never know what someone will like or not and with so much personal involvement, you hope that the recipient likes your effort.

But the background story of this painting is that it was originally painted by Irene Corey and Brad Bisbey. I was lucky enough to buy Brad's but Irene's had already been sold, or I would have bought it also. They apparently joined together to paint the same subject as Brad stated in his blog that Irene had shared the photo with him. I hope they will not mind that I tried it too. For reference, I am including theirs.

Waiting by Irene Corey, 5" by 7" oil, 5-31-07

Waiting by Brad Bisbey, 8" by 9" acrylic

What do you think? Different but the same... It's like the challenges we participate in to see how each artist paints with their own signature.